Lithium Golf AMPLUS kit 48V - E-Z-GO RXV

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Lithium Golf AMPLUS 48V Kit for the EZGO RXV. Unlock the power of Lithium in your Golf Cart. This kit is everything you need to convert your lead-acid golf cart to Lithium. AMPLUS batteries are designed for high current discharging, allowing for strong hill climbing ability.

Kit contents:

- Lithium Golf AMPLUS Battery (67Ah or 105Ah)

- Bracket/adapter specifically for the E-Z-GO RXV

- State of Charge Meter with colour screen

- RCM Complied Charger

Technical information:

Weight: 43kg

Continuous Discharge Current: 150A

Peak Discharge Current: 450A (30s), 500A (3-5s)

Warranty: 5 Years (Private golf), 3 Years (Commercial)

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