Lithium Battery Benefits

Allow us show you why upgrading to Lithium batteries will save you money. Lithium batteries are a genuine technology revolution and will continue to replace lead-acid batteries. Some of the reasons why it’s considering whether Lithium batteries could be right for you.

  • No maintenance required, compared to lead-acids which require water to be added regularly and suffer from terminal corrosion and permanent damage if discharged too far.
  • Shorter Charge times, saving you money on electricity and down-time.
  • Reduced installation time and cost with single drop in power pack compared to 6 or 8 lead-acid batteries.
  • Longer life cycle, Lithiums in some cases lasting well over 10 years (results vary based on application), compared to lead-acid lasting 4-5 years, less if not correctly maintained.

Here we compare a 48V Golf Cart with 6 x Lead-Acid Batteries to a single drop-in 80ah LiFePO4 replacement battery pack.

Lithium-Ion VS Lead-Acid
2500-3500 Charges
500 Charges
10+ Years
3-5 Years
5 Hours (fully discharged)
Charge Time
10+Hours (fully discharged)
No memory, can go months without charging.
Charge Frequency
Regular Charging to avoid damage.
Regular watering, clearing corrosion from terminals, replacing battery cables.
Sealed unit with internal Battery Management System for protection.
Acid leaks, flammable and harmful gasses during charging process.